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double strtod( char *s, char **p )


char  *s;          /* input string */

char **p;          /* address of char pointer to receive last parse position */




#include "stdlib.h"


The strtod function attempts to convert the prefix of the string s into a floating point value of type double, and returns that value. If p is not NULL , then a pointer to the location in s where the conversion left off is stored into the character pointer at p . Leading spaces in s are skipped. The number must consist of an optional '+' or '-' , a sequence of decimal digits possibly containing a single decimal point, an optional exponent exponent part, consisting of the letter 'e' or 'E' , an optional sign, and a sequence of decimal digits.




s is a null-terminated string. *p is the address of a character pointer that is to receive the ending position of the parse.



Return Value

strtod returns the floating point number. If the number would overflow, a range error is generated.



See Also

strtol , strtoul , atof