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long strtol( char *s, char **p, int base )


char  *s;           /* input string */

char **p;           /* address of char pointer to receive last parse position */

int    base;        /* integer base */




#include "stdlib.h"


The strtol function attempts to convert the prefix of the string s into a long int, and returns that value. If p is not NULL , then a pointer to the location in s where the conversion left off is stored into the character pointer at p . Leading spaces in s are skipped. The interpretation of s is affected by base : if it is zero, then the number should be formatted as a decimal, hexadecimal or octal constant (as in C); if it is between 2 and 36, inclusive, then the number must be formatted as a non-empty sequence of letters and digits in that base (with the letters 'a' ..'z' or 'A' ..'Z' representing digits for 10..36). Leading '+' or '-' signs are allowed.




s is a null-terminated string. *p is the address of a character pointer that is to receive the ending position of the parse. base is an integer that specifies the numeric base in which the convsion is to occur.



Return Value

strtol returns the long integer converted. If the number would overflow, a range error is generated.



See Also

strtod , strtoul , atoi , atol