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char *strtok( char *s1, char *s2 )


char *s1;         /* input string */

char *s2;         /* token string */




#include "string.h"


A sequence of strtok calls may be used to split string s1 into tokens (sequences of characters not in string s2), separated by one or more characters from string s2 . The first call to strtok should pass a non-NULL s1 . Subsequent calls should pass NULL , indicating to strtok that it is to continue from the end of the previous token. When a token is identified, a null character is written into the location where the next character from s2 is found following the token.




s1 and s2 are null-terminated strings.


Return Value

A pointer to the start of the current token is returned; when no more tokens are found, NULL is returned.