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int get_proplib_entry ( char *proplib_name, char *entry_name, PROPLIB_ENTRY *ple )


char          *proplib_name;     // name of property library

char          *entry_name;       // name of entry in property library

PROPLIB_ENTRY *ple;              // address to return result




#include "ssnodes.h"


The get_proplib function allows retrieval of the property information for the material entry_name within the property library proplib_name.




proplib_name is the name of a property library. entry_name is the name of an entry within this library. ple is the address of a PROPLIB_ENTRY structure that is to receive the tag name.



Return Value

get_proplib_entry copies the entry information into ple and returns 1 if the entry specified by proplib_name and and entry_name is found; otherwise, 0 is returned, and no copy is performed.



See Also

get_prim_proplib, get_bos_proplib, Property Libraries