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int get_prim_proplib ( OBJECT_NODE *parent, PRIM_NODE *prim, PROPLIB_ENTRY *ple )


OBJECT_NODE   *parent;   // A pointer to an OBJECT_NODE structure

PRIM_NODE     *prim;     // A pointer to a PRIM_NODE structure

PROPLIB_ENTRY *ple;      // A pointer to a PROPLIB_ENTRY structure




#include "silver.h"


The get_prim_proplib function extracts all of the appearance properties from a primitive and places them into ple.




parent is a pointer to the parent object of prim

prim is a pointer to a primitive whose properties are to be retrieved

ple is a pointer to a PROPLIB_ENTRY that is to receive the properties of prim



Return Value

get_prim_proplib returns  TRUE if parent, prim and ple are not NULL, otherwise FALSE is returned.




Since the data in ple was not extracted from a property library, but directly from the geometry, the property_name and description fields will be empty.



See Also

get_bos_proplib, get_proplib_entry, Property Libraries