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BosList.FromAncestors method

BosList.FromAncestors method

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BosList.FromAncestors method

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public static BosList FromAncestors(string bos_path)

public static BosList FromAncestors(BOS_NODE bos)


string   bos_path;   // A System.String

BOS_NODE bos;        // A SilverSharp.BOS_NODE




The FromAncestors methods return a BosList class that will enumerate every parent block of an entity




bos_path is a string that is a SilverScreen path to an entity

bos is a SilverSharp.BOS_NODE whose parental ancestors are to be retrieved



Return Value

FromAncestors returns a BosList class




This function retrieves all of the ancestors of an entity. In the familial parlance, it will retrieve parents and grandparents



See Also

BosList, FromChildren, FromDescendants




To visit all of the parents of an entity, do this:

C# Code


 using SilverSharp;


 . . .


 BosList bl = BosList.FromAncestors("\\assembly\\a1\\a2\\claw\\claw2");


 foreach ( BOS_NODE bos in bl )