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BOOLEAN prim_facet_get(SS_FACET_HANDLE fh, USINT index, SS_FACET_INFO *fi);


SS_FACET_HANDLE fh;    // A facet handle returned by prim_facets_collect

USINT           index; // A positive integer value

SS_FACET_INFO   *fi;   // A pointer to an SS_FACET_INFO structure




#include "silver.h"


The prim_facet_get function retrieves the information associated with a facet by an index number. It is used in conjunction with prim_facets_collect.




fh is a facet handle that must have been retrieved by a call to prim_facets_collect


index is a positive integer representing a facet index that should be between 1 and the value retrieved by prim_facets_count.


fi is a pointer to an SS_FACET_INFO structure that will receive information about the facet corresponding to 'index'.



Return Value

prim_facet_get returns TRUE if the facet handle is valid and the index is valid, and FALSE otherwise.



See Also

prim_facets_count, prim_facets_collect




See prim_facets_collect for an example