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Unsigned Integer Types        

Unsigned Integer Types        

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Unsigned Integer Types        

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Unsigned Integer Types


These are the common unsigned integer types used by SilverScreen internal structures


typedef unsigned char    USCHAR;        // Unsigned 8-bit character (a byte)

typedef unsigned int     USINT;        // Unsigned 32-bit integer

typedef unsigned long    ULONG;        // Unsigned 32-bit long integer


typedef unsigned __int16 USINT16;        // Unsigned 16-bit integer

typedef unsigned __int32 USINT32;        // Unsigned 32-bit integer




Values that don't express the bit length as part of their name, for instance USINT, are assumed to be relevant to a 32-bit architecture.


It is generally best to use USINT16 or USINT32, and thereby make your intentions explicit.



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