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The PAGE Command

The PAGE Command

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The PAGE Command

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PAGE Command


The page command is used to control the appearance of printed output on the output device.




page setup


The page setup command presents the user with SilverEngine’s page setup dialog. The user can then use the dialog to change the appearance of printed output. If the user chooses OK then all of the proper page commands will be issued.




page justify {horizontal [left | center | right]}
            {vertical [top | center | bottom]}

The page justify command aligns the bounding rectangle of the data being printed within the rectangle that is bounded by the user margins.




page border {window [enable | disable]}
           {margin [enable | disable]}

The page border command controls the display of window borders (the bounding rectangle of each window) and the margin border (the rectangle formed by the user margins).




page options {background [enable | disable]}
            {black-white [enable | disable]}
            {hide [enable | disable]}

The page options command controls the status of several page options. The background option, when enabled, will draw the window backgrounds onto the printed output. The black-white option, when enabled, will draw all edges in black. The hide option, when enabled, will perform hide commands in the print preview.




page template [none | file file-path]


The page template command assigns the print template that will be used during printing and previewing. To disable the use of a print template use the print template none form. To specify a particular template (say logo.pnt) use the print template file logo.pnt form.




page margin [reset | {top #} {bottom #} {left #} {right #}]


The page margin command is used to control the user-defined margins. To set the user margins to the hardware margins of the currently selected output device use the page margin reset form. To set the left margin to (say) 4 inches use the page margin left 4 form.




page size [best-fit | width # | height # | scaled drawing # device #]


The page size command is used to control the size of the data being printed. The best-fit option will produce the largest possible print-out that maintains a correct aspect ratio. The width option allows you to specify the width of the printed output (the height will be automatically assigned). The height option allows you to specify the height of the printed output (the width will be automatically assigned). The scaled option allows you to control the ratio between the world-space of the current window and that of the printer. If you wanted to generate output where 1 measured inch is equivalent to 1 measured foot in the drawing then the following command would be used: page size scaled drawing 1’ device 1”.




page reset


The page reset command sets all options that affect the appearance of printed output to their defaults. It has the same affect as issuing the following sequence of commands:

page justify horizontal left vertical top

page border window enable margin enable

page options background disable black-white disable hide enable

page template none

page margin reset

page size best-fit



In certain situations, you may wish to exercise finer control over the output device. There are several built-in functions provided for this purpose: printer_close , printer_open , printer_send .