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TagList.FromBos method

TagList.FromBos method

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TagList.FromBos method

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public static TagList FromBos(string bos_path);

public static TagList FromBos(BOS_NODE bos);


string   bos_path;   // A System.String

BOS_NODE bos;        // A SilverSharp.BOS_NODE




The FromBos methods return a TagList object that will enumerate every SilverSharp TAG_NODE belonging to the bos-level entity




bos_path is a string that is a SilverScreen path to an entity

bos is a SilverSharp.BOS_NODE whose TAG_NODEs are to be enumerated



Return Value

FromBos method returns a TagList object



See Also

TagList, Enumerators




The following code enumerates all of the Tags contained in a SilverSharp BOS_NODE:

C# Code


 using SilverSharp;


 . . .


 TagList Tags = TagList.FromBos("\\assembly\\a1\\a2\\claw\\claw2");


 foreach ( TAG_NODE tag in Tags )