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ToString methods

ToString methods

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ToString methods

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string ToString();

string ToString(Notation notation, UnitsOfMeasure measure);


Notation       notation; // A SilverSharp.Notation enumeration

UnitsOfMeasure measure;  // A SilverSharp.UnitsOfMeasure enumeration




using SilverSharp;


The ToString methods format a SilverSharp.SS_XYZ object as a string that is suitable for use with ss_command. The first method formats the object using the current units and notation, while the second formats the object for a particular units + notation.




notation is the notation to use when formatting the object

measure is the units of measurement to use when formatting the object



Return Value

SS_XYZ.ToString method returns a System.String object




The parameterless form of ToString overrides the standard System.Object.ToString method.



See Also

Notation, UnitsOfMeasure, SS_XYZ




See the Notation enumeration for an example using ToString.