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int ss_command ( char *fmt, ... )


char *fmt;       // format string





#include "silver.h"


The ss_command function may be used to format and execute a SilverScreen command. In its handling of arguments, it behaves like printf , with the exception that the generated string is presented to the SilverScreen command processor.




fmt is a null-terminated string that contains the desired format specifiers.



Return Value

ss_command returns the length of the generated command.




The types of arguments must match those expected by the format specifiers in fmt , and the number of arguments must be greater than or equal to the number of specifiers in fmt ; otherwise, the result of the command is undefined.


The ss_command function is given as an alternative to @commands , which are not part of the C language, and the use of which in SilverC is no longer recommended.



See also

Using ss_command, Command system, icommands, fprintf for a description of format specifiers