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Scale methods

Scale methods

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Scale methods

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void Scale(double xScale, double yScale, double zScale);

void ScaleX(double xScale);

void ScaleY(double yScale);

void ScaleZ(double zScale);


double xScale;  // A double-precision floating-point x-axis scale value

double yScale;  // A double-precision floating-point y-axis scale value

double zScale;  // A double-precision floating-point z-axis scale value



using SilverSharp;


The Scale methods post-multiply a matrix that scales along coordinate axes. The first form scales all 3 axes, while the others are single-axis scalings.




xScale is a scaling factor for the x-axis

yScale is a scaling factor for the y-axis

zScale is a scaling factor for the z-axis



Return Value





This method post-multiplies a scaling matrix into the SilverSharp.MATRIX object. This means it adds the work of the scale to the transformation.



See Also

MATRIX, tm_scale_x, tm_scale_y, tm_scale_z




The following code builds a matrix to scale along the x-axis by 0.5 and the y-axis by 2.0 about a basepoint:


C# Code


 using SilverSharp;


 . . .


 MATRIX mx = new MATRIX();

 SS_XYZ basepoint = new SS_XYZ(15.0, 15.0, -10.0);


 mx.Translate( - basepoint ); // Translate basepoint to the origin

 mx.Scale( 0.5, 2.0, 1.0 );   // Perform scaling

 mx.Translate( basepoint );   // Translate the origin to basepoint