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Rotate methods

Rotate methods

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Rotate methods

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void RotateX(double degrees);

void RotateY(double degrees);

void RotateZ(double degrees);        


double degrees;   // A double-precision floating-point rotation angle




Using SilverSharp;


The Rotate methods post-multiply a matrix that rotates about a coordinate axis. RotateX rotates about the x-axis, RotateY rotates about the y-axis, and RotateZ rotates about the z-axis.




degrees is a rotation angle specified in degrees



Return Value





This method post-multiplies a rotation matrix into the SilverSharp.MATRIX object. This means it adds the work of the rotation to the transformation.



See Also

MATRIX, tm_rotate_x, tm_rotate_y, tm_rotate_z




See the Translate method for an example