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IsEmpty method

IsEmpty method

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IsEmpty method

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static bool IsEmpty(BOS_NODE bos)



BOS_NODE bos; // An instance of a SilverSharp.BOS_NODE object





using SilverSharp;


The IsEmpty method tests whether the BOS_NODE instance references a node.




bos is a SilverSharp.BOS_NODE instance to test for emptiness.



Return Value

IsEmpty returns true if the object instance is null or does not reference an entity, and false otherwise.



See Also

BOS_NODE, Entity Types




The following example obtains an entity from a path and then tests if it is empty:


C# Code


 using SilverSharp;


 . . .


 BOS_NODE bos;


 bos = SC.get_bos("\\obj1");


 if ( BOS_NODE.IsEmpty(bos) )