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SilverEngine Application Development

SilverEngine Application Development

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SilverEngine Application Development

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SilverEngine Development


SilverEngine allows developers to integrate SilverScreen solid modeling technologies into their own applications. SilverEngine is implemented as a Windows DLL, giving developers great flexibility in designing the look and feel of their applications.


SilverEngine retains all of the powerful capabilities of SiIverScreen, including 3D solid modeling, script commands and interactive operations, as provided by the common SIlverScreen API. Developers may choose to build any of the variety of available Windows application types (single document interface, multiple document interface, dialog-based interface) and be assured that all of the power of SilverScreen remains available to them.




The SilverEngine development platform provides for the following facilities:


SilverScreen API is a C interface, supporting both straight Win32 and MFC applications
Compatible with SDI, MDI and dialog-based application designs, providing flexibility of design
Applications may be built using standard Visual C++ tools
Native code speed


Note: SilverEngine is implemented as an MFC DLL and requires the MFC library and C runtime support to be present