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SilverEngine and the SilverScreen API

SilverEngine and the SilverScreen API

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SilverEngine and the SilverScreen API

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SilverEngine and the SilverScreen API


SilverEngine is a DLL whose programming interface, or API, is an instance of the SilverScreen API. The SilverScreen API is a collection of types, macros, structures and functions that are used to program SilverScreen Solid Modeler applications. The SilverScreen API is expressed differently in various contexts (e.g. SilverC applications, SilverPlus DLLs, SilverEngine applications), but is designed to be as consistent across all platforms as possible.  This document covers details of the SilverScreen API that are specific to use of the SilverEngine.


Note that the SilverScreen API is expressed in the C language. Programs may also be written in the C++ language.


Using the SilverScreen API with SilverEngine is accomplished via the following steps:



r_point Include the SILVER.H file in your program.

r_point Define the preprocessor constant SILVERENGINE_CLIENT_BUILD

r_point Ensure that the SilverScreen include files are visible to the compiler



Use of SILVER.H pulls in all of the appropriate include files needed for SilverEngine development, and in addition, defines for the compiler the name of the link library needed to resolve references in the run-time SilverEngine library.


Note that the file SILVERE.H contains a small number of SilverEngine-specific structures and function declarations. These functions are necessary for startup and shutdown of the SilverEngine, plus setup for display of SilverScreen models, but are not considered to be a proper part of the SilverScreen API. SILVERE.H depends on SILVER.H, and includes it.


More detailed information is found in the section on the SilverScreen API.