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int menu_persist ( char *menu_name );


char *menu_name;




#include "silver.h"


The menu_persist function loads a custom menu into the Windows menu area.



menu_name is a character string that specifies the name of the custom menu to load. Identical to that used in menu.


Return Value

menu_persist returns 1 if the menu was loaded properly, and 0 otherwise (most likely memory for the menu could not be allocated, or the menu anme is somehow invalid).



menu_persist differs from menu in that menu is used to make one selection from a custom menu, which is then removed; while menu_persist loads a menu and leaves it in place as events are retrieved via inchar. A menu selection is signified when inchar returns CM_EVENT; the selection may then be obtained by a call to get_event_info.

If the menu that is replaced by menu_persist is a custom menu, then it is discarded; otherwise, it is saved on a stack, and then restored when the custom menu is discarded via a call to menu_unload.


See Also

menu, menu_unload, get_event_info