int get_event_info ( SS_EVENT *event );


SS_EVENT *event;     // address of a SilverScreen event structure





#include "silver.h"


The get_event_info function is used to return information about various SilverScreen events that may not be contained in the return value from inchar. The event information is returned in the SS_EVENT structure pointed to by event. The id, flags, mouse_x and mouse_y fields of the SS_EVENT structure are always filled after inchar. Other fields are filled only on certain events:



Field Information


event icon bar selection number; only returned when a persistent icon bar is available.


event menu selection number; only returned when a persistent custom menu is available.


update new view window coordinates, in coordinates where the left and top values are always 0.


update exposed update rectangle, in coordinates relative to the view window.




event is the address of an SS_EVENT structure used to receive the event information.



Return Value

get_event_info returns 0 always.




The event information is only valid after a call to inchar, event information returned after a call to nextkey will not be reliable.



See Also

menu_persist, inchar, nextkey, SS_EVENT