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int vprintf( char *fmt, va_list args )


char   *fmt;/* format string */

va_list args;/* argument list */




#include "stdio.h"

#include "stdarg.h"


The vprintf function writes data to stdout under control of the format string fmt . The arguments for fmt are specified in the variable argument list args .




fmt is a null-terminated string that contains the desired format specifiers. args is of type va_list , a type suitable for holding information used by the variable argument macros. args should have been initialized by the va_start macro and perhaps modified by subsequent va_arg calls.



Return Value

vprintf returns the number of characters written, or a negative number if an error occurred.




vprintf is identical to printf , except that the variable argument list has been replaced by the va_list args .


Functions that write to stdout , such as printf and vprintf, are not recommended for use in SilverC, since the output of such functions may not be handled correctly by the graphics system used by SilverScreen.


The types of arguments must match those expected by the format specifiers in fmt , and the number of arguments must be greater than or equal to the number of specifiers in fmt ; otherwise, the result of vprintf is undefined.



See Also

fprintf for a description of permissible format specifiers.