Creating a SilverPlus Application
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Creating a SilverPlus Application

Creating a SilverPlus Application

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Creating a SilverPlus Application

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Creating a SilverPlus Application


This topic will take you through the creation of a simple  SilverPlus application. In essence a SilverPlus application is an MFC or Win32 DLL with an agreed-upon entry point that receives a pointer to the SilverScreen API function table.


This topic also provides an overview of the DLL loading process and notes on commonly encountered calling conventions.



The following table lists the steps (in order) that you must take to write a SilverPlus application:




Create a DLL Skeleton

Use Visual Studio to create an MFC DLL that will serve as the framework of your SilverPlus application

Add the SilverPlus entry point

Modify the SilverPlus framework created in the first step to add a SilverPlus entry point, and to initialize a pointer to the SilverScreen API table.

Making the entry point work

Modify the SilverPlus framework so that your SilverPlus application performs work.

Creating a SilverPlus stub

Create a SilverC program that will be used to load, invoke, and unload your SilverPlus DLL

Invoking a SilverPlus stub

Instructions for executing your SilverPlus stub