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int box_prompt ( char *message, char *buf, int sort_flag )


char *message;        // box_prompt messages

char *buf;            // buffer to receive selection

int   sort_flag;      // enables/disables item sorting




#include "silver.h"


The box_prompt function allows selection of an item from a list of text items. The items are displayed in a box panel. Items are added to the list by previous calls to attach_box_item .




message is a null-terminated string with three components, separated by vertical bars ('|'), as follows:




where <text1> is the title of the panel. <text2> is the text that appears beneath the title. "*" specifies that text is not to be displayed beneath the title. <text3> is the prompting message that is to be used for keyboard entry; if this text is "*", no keyboard entry is allowed.


buf is a character buffer into which the selected item, if any, will be copied. sort_flag , if non-zero, will cause the items to be sorted alphabetically; otherwise, they will retain the order in which they were received.



Return Value

If the user successfully selects an item, then the selection is copied into buf , and box_prompt returns 1; otherwise, 0 is returned.




The list of items used by box_prompt is freed before it returns.



See Also

attach_box_item , box_prompt_multiple



Two Examples:

C / C++ Code


if ( box_prompt ( "Cities|*|Enter city", buf, 1 ) )

 . . .


if ( box_prompt ( "Cities|*|*", buf, 0 ) )

 . . .