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int wcolorc ( char *txt, int line, int pos, int fg_color, int bg_color )


char *txt;        // string to display

int   line;       // screen line

int   pos;        // screen column

int   fg_color;   // foreground color

int   bg_color;   // background color




#include "silver.h"


The wcolorc function displays string txt on the screen at at the line and column specified by line and pos , in the foreground and background colors specified by fg_color and bg_color . The remainder of the line is cleared.




txt is a null-terminated string containing the text to display. line and pos are character coordinates on the screen, with 1 <= line <= schar_height , and 1 <= pos <= schar_width . fg_color and bg_color are color numbers, in the range of [0, num_colors - 1].



Return Value

wcolorc returns the column following the last character in txt .



See Also

wchar , wcolor