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bits1 and BITS_VISIBLE

Each entity has a visibility setting which may be either on or off. This setting determines whether or not the entity will be displayed when the screen is refreshed.An entity is visible if the BITS_VISIBLE bit of bits1 of the BOS_NODE is turned on. Otherwise the entity is not visible.




The ISOLATE command allows a block, an object, a symbol or a q-group to be made visible while the rest of the drawing is made invisible. The command can be used with groups or wildcards. Here are two examples:


  isolate object !frame*

  isolate block \house\framing,\house\footing


The RESET option of the ISOLATE command will return visibility to all entities.




The VISIBILITY command permits the visibility of a BOS node to be turned on or off. This command may also be used with groups and wildcards.


record_visibility and reset_visibility


The record_visibility function will record all visibilities within a drawing. These visibilities can later be restored by the reset_visibility function.