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BOOLEAN undo_log_open ( char *log_path )


char *log_path;   // A pointer to a null-terminated character string





#include "silver.h"


The undo_log_open function opens a log file for use by undo_log.




log_path is a pointer to a string that specifies the full path of the log file.



Return Value

undo_log_open returns TRUE if the file is successfully opened, and FALSE otherwise.




You cannot open a second log file until the first log file has been closed. If you call undo_log_open without closing an open log file a new file will not be opened and the first file will become active.


The routines in the undo system will add comments to an open undo log. This can be a great aid when composing commands for the undo or redo mechanism.



See Also

Undo System Usage, undo_log, undo_log_close




The following example opens an undo log file, writes text to it, executes an interactive command and closes the log file.


C / C++ Code


 #include "silver.h



 if ( undo_log_open("undo.log") )


    undo_log("Undo log test\n");

    undo_log("A man has %d arms and %d limbs\n", 2, 4);


    ss_command("icommand draw circle");