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The Tag Command



The TAG command permits information --- numeric values, strings, and 3D points --- to be attached to an entity. Each item of information is associated with a tag name.


Variations of the TAG command permit tagged information to be attached, deleted and copied.  The formats of the TAG command are displayed below.


Add a tag to an entity:


Command Script


 tag <bos name> <tag name> value <number>

 tag <bos name> <tag name> text <string>

 tag <bos name> <tag name> xyz <number>,<number>,<number>



Remove a specific tag from an entity:


Command Script


tag remove <bos name> <tag name>



Clear all tags attached to an entity:


Command Script


tag clear <bos name>



Copy all tags from one entity to another:


Command Script


 tag copy from <bos name> to <bos name>



In these commands:




<bos name>

the full path name of an entity, including entity type;

<tag name>

the name of the tag (case insensitive)


a text string of up to 20 characters, delimited by double quotes.


Several examples of the TAG command:


Command Script


 tag block \roof\beams material text "PT pine"
 tag object \roof\beams\beam1 width value 6.0

 tag clear block \roof

 tag copy from object \roof\beam\beam1 to object \roof\beam\beam2



Tag information for a specific tag name may retrieved program with the fetch_tag function. All tags associated with an entity may be retrieved with the get_tag function.


Tags are automatically saved with the drawing when the drawing is saved.  The attached tag values may be viewed with the extended version of the LIST command.