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Reporting Bugs

Support for SilverScreen Solid Modeler and application development is provided by Schroff Development. If you run across a situation that you think is a bug in the SilverC compiler or development environment (or in SilverScreen, for that matter), or an error in any of the manuals, we'd like to hear about it. We encourage customers who have problems and report them to customer support to always send, if possible, all relevant materials that will show the problem. This is of immeasurable assistance to our developers in reproducing and isolating bugs, and is the best way of ensuring that problems are attended to properly.


If the problem is in the compiler, we request that you try to send as small an example of source code that exhibits the problem if possible. Please include the source files (.C and .H), .EX file if possible, compiler switch settings, relevant files and anything else that may help us isolate the situation. Also include the exact version of SilverScreen being used and, if at all relevant, your hardware configuration (type of machine, video card, printer, plotter, etc.) and your .ENV file (SILVER.ENV or whatever private .ENV file you start up with).

How to Contact Us


Use of email is generally the best way to reach us: In order to best help you, we will most likely need certain information, including a description of your problem, and possibly supporting code.




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