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int spawn( char *exe_name, char *arg_string, int minimize_memory, int text_mode )


char  *exe_name;        /* Path of program to execute */

char  *arg_string;      /* String of arguments to the program */

int    minimize_memory; /* A boolean flag to indicate whether SilverScreen */

                       /* should aggressively reduce memory first */

int    text_mode;       /* If 0, program window will be hidden, */

                       /* otherwise it will be visible */




#include "silver.h"


The spawn function is used to execute another program.




exe_name is the path to the program you wish to execute. arg_string is a string that contains the program arguments of exe_name. minimize_memory is a flag which can be used to give the soon-to-be-executing program more memory. In practice, minimize_memory is no longer useful because modern operating systems manage their own memory. text_mode will run the program hidden, if 0, or show the program otherwise.



Return Value

spawn returns the value returned from the operating system after invoking the program.