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SetMagnitude method

SetMagnitude method

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SetMagnitude method

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bool SetMagnitude(double desired_magnitude);


double desired_magnitude;   // A double-precision floating point value





using SilverSharp;


The SetMagnitude method uniformly scales the plane equation such that the magnitude of the direction vector becomes desired_magnitude.




desired_magnitude is the new length desired for the magnitude of the direction vector



Return Value

SetMagnitude returns true if the desired_magnitude can be established, and false otherwise. If the original plane equation has A,B, and C components of 0, then an infinite number of direction vectors are described and the magnitude becomes meaningless unless it is zero.




If SetMagnitude succeeds, then the new direction vector will reside on the same line that is formed by the original direction vector



See Also

SS_COEF, get_plane




The following code will create a SilverSharp.SS_COEF object and set the magnitude to 4. Adding the resulting direction vector to a point on the plane would move that point 4 units away perpendicularly to the plane.


C# Code


 using SilverSharp;


 SS_COEF coef = new SS_COEF(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 0.0);