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IsNull method

IsNull method

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IsNull method

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static bool IsNull(SS_COEF coef)


SS_COEF coef;   // A SilverSharp.SS_COEF reference





using SilverSharp;


The IsNull method tests whether the reference to a SilverSharp.SS_COEF is a null reference




coef is a reference to a SilverSharp.SS_COEF object



Return Value

IsNull returns true if coef is a null reference, and false otherwise.



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The following code uses IsNull to test the validity of a SilverSharp.SS_COEF reference:


C# Code


 using SilverSharp;


 . . .


 SS_COEF coef1 = null; // NOTE: coef1 is a null reference

 SS_COEF coef2 = new SS_COEF(0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0);


 if ( SS_COEF.IsNull(coef1) )

    error_message("coef1 is a null reference");


 if ( SS_COEF.IsNull(coef2) )

    error_message("coef2 is a null reference");