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SilverSharp Application Development

SilverSharp Application Development

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SilverSharp Application Development

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SilverSharp Development



SilverSharp is a managed assembly that wraps the SilverEngine platform and provides a Common Language Runtime (or CLR) interface for Microsoft .NET applications. This means developers can write applications using such technologies as Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) or Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and integrate them with the SilverScreen CAD engine.


The SilverSharp platform was designed with the C# programming language in mind and the samples in this section are written in C#. However, since SilverSharp is written for the CLR, all .NET languages that support the CLR will work with SilverSharp.



When the developer's toolkit is installed, many SilverSharp samples are also installed to the Samples sub-directory. These samples were designed to be instructive and are provided with source code and project files.



SilverC, SilverPlus, and SilverEngine developers will notice that the SilverSharp assembly contains many familiar names that serve equivalent purposes (i.e. an OBJECT_NODE represents a SilverScreen object entity). However, the public symbols in the SilverSharp assembly are managed CLR objects, many of which have been extended to integrate well with the CLR environment. It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the new properties, methods, capabilities, and techniques at your disposal.



This chapter is organized into the following topics: