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BosList.FromFont method

BosList.FromFont method

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BosList.FromFont method

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public static BosList FromFont(const FONT_NODE font)


const FONT_NODE font;    // A SilverSharp.FONT_NODE





The FromFont method returns a BosList class that will enumerate all of the font character entities of a FONT-NODE




font is a SilverSharp.FONT_NODE whose font characters are to be retrieved



Return Value

FromFont returns a BosList class



See Also

BosList, EveryBosNode, TEXT_NODE




To visit all of the character entities of a FONT_NODE, do this:

C# Code

using SilverSharp;


. . .


TEXT_NODE txt = SC.get_bos("\\text1");


BosList bl = BosList.FromFont(txt.font_ptr);


foreach ( BOS_NODE bos in bl )