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ShowErrorHandler set_show_error_handler(ShowErrorHandler my_show_error_handler)









#include "silver.h"


The set_show_error_handler function defines a handler for SilverEngine error messages. It is most easily mapped to the Win32 API routine MsgBox.




my_show_error_handler is a SilverC API function pointer to a ShowErrorHandler that is called whenever there is an error message to display. An error message should be displayed immediately in a dialog that notifies the user and should require acknowledgment. It is declared as follows, and is only relevant in SilverPlus and SilverEngine development models.


typedef void SILVERC_API

   (SDCCALL *ShowErrorHandler)( char *message, char *title );


char *message;  /* The ANSI error message text to display */

char *title;    /* The title that should accompany the error message */



Return Value

set_show_error_handler returns a pointer to the active error message handler. Your handler should not return any value.



See Also

set_location_change_handler, set_qmessage_handler, set_status_change_handler