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int scan_entity ( char *message, int e_type, char *buf )


char *message;    // prompt message

int   e_type;     // entity type mask

char *buf;        // character buffer to receive entity name




#include "silver.h"


The scan_entity function displays message and then allows the user to pick an entity, based on e_type .




message is a null-terminated string containing the prompt message. e_type is an integer value specifying which entity types are to be considered for picking: BITS_BLOCK , BITS_DETAIL , BITS_OBJECT , BITS_SYMBOL , or BITS_TEXT may be or'ed together to obtain e_type . buf is a character buffer that is to receive the full path name of the selected entity.



Return Value

If a selection is successfully made, then 1 is returned and the path name of the selected entity is copied into buf ; otherwise, 0 is returned.




pick_entity operates in pick mode. The function prompt_entity operates in either pick or scan mode, while scan_entity operates in scan mode.



See Also

prompt_entity , pick_entity