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int rex_exec( int handle, int op, void *data )


int   handle;       // handle of DLL

int   op;           // code of operation to perform

void *data;         // generic pointer to user data




#include "silver.h"


The rex_exec function is used by SilverScreen to handle DLL file management, and may also be used by a SilverC program to communicate with a DLL.




handle is a DLL handle as returned by rex_load. op is an integer, used to specify the operation. SilverC developers should use values of op with a value of REX_USER_BASE or higher. data is a pointer to some data being passed to the DLL; no assumptions are made by the implementation as to the contents data; it is assumed to be user-defined. A SilverC developer can use this to pass the address of strings or structures to a DLL, or also pointer-sized integer values (int or long).



Return Value

The return value is an integer value, as returned by the SilverCExec function in the DLL. The implementation will return 0 if handle is invalid.



See Also

rex_load, rex_unload