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int prompt_displacement ( char *message, SS_XYZ *delta )


char   *message;          // prompt message string

SS_XYZ *delta;            // address of 3D point to receive displacement




#include "silver.h"


The prompt_displacement function prompts the user for a displacement (in x, y and z) from the current cursor location (the point specified by worldx , worldy and worldz). The prompt specified by message is displayed at bottom of the screen. The user is then allowed to move the cursor from the cursor location to another point in world coordinates, generating a displacement, which is stored in delta .




message is a null-terminated string containing a prompt message. delta is the address of a 3D point that is to receive the displacement value.



Return Value

prompt_displacement stores the displacement value into delta and returns 1 if the displacement is successfully selected; otherwise (the user hits Esc) prompt_displacement returns 0, and the point at delta is not modified.