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void printer_get_name_s ( char *buffer, int buffer_len )


char *bufffer;    // Character buffer that will contain printer name

int  buffer_len;  // Length of the buffer in characters




#include "silver.h"


The printer_get_name_s function obtains a name for the currently selected Windows printer. This name may be saved and used in a subsequent call to printer_set_name.



buffer is a character buffer which is to receive the printer name.

buffer_len is the length of the character buffer


Return Value

printer_get_name_s returns -2 if the buffer is too small to hold the device name, -1 if a current printer could not be obtained (i.e. perhaps none is selected), and a number > 0 which is the length of the printer name.



To determine the minimal buffer size, call printer_get_name_s with buffer = NULL, and/or buffer_len = 0. If the buffer is too small to hold the printer name, then buffer is not modified.


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The following example demonstrates how to use printer_get_name_s to obtain a buffer size, then how to call it again with an appropriately-sized buffer.


C / C++ Code


#include "silver.h


. . .


char *buffer = NULL;

int  buffer_len = 0;

int  minimal_len = 0;


minimal_len = printer_get_name_s(NULL, 0);


if ( minimal_len > 0 )


  buffer_len = minimal_len;

  buffer     = malloc(minimal_len);


  if ( buffer )

     printer_get_name_s(buffer, buffer_len);




if ( buffer )


  // Use buffer


  . . .