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void pm_text ( char *message, char *buf, int mandatory, int length )


char *message;      // prompt string

char *buf;          // address of buffer to receive result string

int   mandatory;    // mandatory entry flag

int   length;       // maximum length of string




#include "silver.h"


The pm_text function adds a prompt for a string to the current panel, with prompt specified by message . length is the maximum length of the text data. If mandatory is 1, a value must be entered for the item. If mandatory is 0, then the initial value can be accepted without change. After pm_execute , the resulting value is returned in buf .




message is a null-terminated string containing the prompt message. buf is the address of a character buffer which is to receive the string. mandatory is an integer specifying whether entry for this field is mandatory or not. length is an integer specifying the maximum length of the input string.



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