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void pm_menu ( char *message, char *menu, int *selection )


char *message;    // prompt string

char *menu;       // menu string

int *selection;   // address of integer to receive menu selection number




#include "silver.h"


The pm_menu function adds a menu prompt to the current panel. The prompt string is specified by message . The menu parameter specifies the menu items, a list space-delimited keywords (for example, "left  right  top  bottom").




message is a null-terminated string containing the prompt message. menu is a null-terminated string containing the menu items. selection is the address of the integer that is to receive the item number corresponding to the selected menu item; it will be a value between 1 and the number of items on the menu. After pm_execute , setting will contain the number of item that was selected, from 1 to number of keywords.



Return Value





The initial value for the field is the inial value of the integer pointed to by selection. pm_menu differs from pm_box2 in that the menu is always displayed in pm_menu, as opposed to pm_box2, where the menu only appears if the user attempts to edit the field.



See Also

pm_execute , pm_box2




C / C++ Code


 item_number = 1;

 pm_menu ( "Select view", "Front Rear Left Right", &item_number );