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SilverEngine and MFC

SilverEngine and MFC

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SilverEngine and MFC

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SilverEngine and MFC



SilverScreen's MFC Architecture

The following figure shows the general structure of SilverScreen's architecture. When this chapter refers to a mainframe window it refers to the main application window indicated below. When this chapter refers to the view window, it refers to the active drawing window to which keystrokes are sent and in which interactive prompting takes place. The view window is also indicated below.





Important points


It is important to understand that a SilverPlus application makes use of the CFrameWnd-derived main window and CView-derived view windows created by the SilverScreen application, whereas a SilverEngine application has requirements of the main window and drawing target you create.


It is also important to understand that SilverEngine does need to intercept top-level messages that flow to all Windows main application windows, and if it is to draw or prompt or interact with the user it must have a window handle that has been activated by the sdc_ family of SilverEngine functions (i.e. sdc_open).




See Also


See the Primer for MFC Applications for more details on fulfilling the basic architectural requirements of SilverEngine.


For a complete example of how to initialize SilverEngine with a command target, see the SilverEngine sample EngineShell.