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double pow( double x, double y )


double x;         /* a double value */

double y;         /* a double value */




#include "math.h"


The pow function calculates the function xy




x and y is are double values such that if x is 0, then y must be greater than 0, or if x is less than 0, y must be integral.



Return Value

pow returns the value of the function. If error occurs, pow sets errno (the system error variable) to EDOM if x is 0 and y is negative, and returns HUGE_VAL  (approximately 1.79769e+308). If x and y are both 0, or if x is less than 0 and y is not integral, then pow sets errno to EDOM and returns 0. If pow results in overflow, then errno is set to ERANGE and returns HUGE_VAL if x is positive, and negative HUGE_VAL if x is negative