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int get_group_item ( char *gname, int count, char *buf )


char *gname;         // group name

int   count;         // group item index number

char *buf;           // character buffer to receive group item path




#include "silver.h"


The get_group_item function allows retrieval of entity paths within a named group or the q-group.




For a named group, gname is a null-terminated string containing the name of the group. For a q-group, gname is the empty string (""). count is the index number of the item in the group designated by gname , 1 to the number of items in the group. buf is the address of a character buffer that is to receive the entity path.



Return Value

get_group_item copies the entity path into buf if the group associated with gname exists, and there are at least count items in the group, and then returns 1, otherwise get_group_item returns 0.




The empty string ("", not NULL) may be used to designate the q-group.



See Also

get_group , get_pgroup_item