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Command Formats

Command Formats

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Command Formats

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Command Formats



Several Thousand Commands

SilverScreen has several thousand commands and variations of commands.  To use a specific command in a program, it is necessary to know the exact format of that command.  There are three ways to find the format.


The Hard Way

The most obvious (and least useful) method is to search the reference manual of the SilverScreen Solid Modeler.  This manual contains a complete listing of all commands.  In practice, however, this is seldom done.


The Easy Way

It is much easier to find the format of a command by simply executing the command in SilverScreen.  Since all executed commands and icommands are recorded in the command log, it is a simple matter of executing the command and viewing the command log.  It is very common for programmers to execute commands then copy those commands directly from the log to their program.


Remember Mode

On occasion, there may be long sequences of commands that are required in a program.  For example, one may require commands to draw polygons and circles, perform Boolean operations, and to sweep and render.  In this case, Remember Mode is a very good tool.  When Remember Mode is enabled, all commands are recorded into a script file.  The recording of commands continues until Remember Mode is disabled.  At the end of the recording session, the script file will contain a faithful record of all commands that were executed.