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int bt_read( int handle, int record_number, char *buf )


int   handle;             // an open b-tree database handle

int   record_number;      // the record number of the record to read

char *buf;                // where to store the record data




#include "silver.h"


The bt_read function retrieves the data from a record specified by record_number from the b-tree database designated by handle . The data is stores in buf .




handle is an open b-tree database handle, as obtained by a call to bt_open . record_number is a sequential record number, as obtainable by a call to bt_find . buf is a pointer to a buffer where the record is to be stored, and and should be greater than or equal to the record size of the data file.



Return Value

bt_read stores the record data in buf and returns 1 if successful, and returns 0 if not.




The btree-family of functions is not available in SilverSharp, except by means of P/Invoke.


See Also

bt_find , bt_write




See the section on B-Trees for more information on the b-tree functions.


C / C++ Code


 int handle;

 char *key;

 char *data;


 if ( record = bt_find( handle, key ) )


    bt_read( handle, record, data );

    ss_command ( "note key: %s data: %s", key, data );