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int bt_next( int handle, char *key )


int   handle;      // an open b-tree database handle

char *key;         // buffer to receive next key value




#include "silver.h"


The bt_next function accesses the next entry in the b-tree database index associated with handle.




handle is an open b-tree database handle, as obtained by a call to bt_open . key is a pointer to a character buffer large enough to hold the associated key value



Return Value

If the read marker is at the end of the index, bt_next returns 0; otherwise, bt_next moves to the next entry, copies its key value into key , and returns the record_number associated with that key.




bt_previous , bt_set_first , bt_set_last and bt_set_key may be used to position the read marker.


The btree-family of functions is not available in SilverSharp, except by means of P/Invoke.



See Also

bt_previous , bt_set_first , bt_set_last , bt_set_key