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int ask_multiple ( char *button_names, char *message )


char *button_names;        // button text

char *message;        // prompting message





#include "silver.h"


The ask_multiple function displays a multi-line message in a panel, and waits for a response from the user. ask_multiple may be used for more complicated prompting than ask_yn.




button_names and message are both null-terminated strings. The button_names parameter is broken up into space-delimited strings, which are used as text on corresponding buttons in a popup (thus implicitly specifying the number of buttons). The message parameter is used as prompting; for any embedded vertical bar characters ('|') in message , the prompt is broken at that point, the '|' character is discarded, and the text following the '|' is placed on the subsequent line at the left edge of the prompt area.



Return Value

The index number of the selected button (1 to <number of buttons>) is returned if a selection was made, and 0 is returned otherwise (by hitting Escape).



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